Community Projects

King of Kings Church

The King of Kings Church in Omaha needed more space for Sunday school as well as daily preschool and childcare programs. The new space accommodates two additional classrooms, child-sized restrooms, and a baby nap room. The finishes were selected with children in mind - bright pops of color and geometric shares are used to define different areas and classrooms and brings a colorful energy to the newly remodeled space.

Gateway Center

Mount Helena Community Church had outgrown the auditorium spaces it had been renting and needed to find a permanent facility. A 28,000 square foot former warehouse was renovated to provide a new home for the congregation. The design team utilized existing industrial components of the structure to create an auditorium space, classrooms, offices, and fellowship/ gathering areas. There is an abundance of natural light from new skylights and large glazed overhead garage doors. The reclaimed lot provides on-site water storage and an urban forest, complete with native grasses and xeriscaping.